Proceedings of the “XVI. Expertengespräch”

SanaClis extended its sincere thanks to the expert panel of speakers that made its XVI Interdisciplinary Expert Workshop (XVI. Expertengespräch) on 30 April 2021 an outstanding success. Chaired by SanaClis’ Executive Consultant and Company Officer, Dr. med. Johanna Schenk FFPM GFMD, together with esteemed and highly recognized peers from multiple involved disciplines, discussed and debated various pressing topics within the broad spectrum of Clinical Development, such as navigating effectively through the complexities of regulation, through to the paradigm shift within Clinical Development planning and protocol design as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. These special thanks were addressed to PD Dr. Michael Hennig, Dr. Gesine Bejeuhr, Dr. med. Juergen Hans Schmidt, Dr. med. Christian Dalldorf, Dr. med. Peter Wieloch and Prof. Burkhard Sträter for the highly informative presentations.

Full proceedings of the XVI. Interdisciplinary Expert Workshop, including the presentations for download, can be found here.

Whilst closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic, SanaClis is looking forward to continuing this series of annual meetings, founded by PPH plus, on the 29 April 2022 at the FiZ Frankfurt Innovation Center as far as possible.