Project leadership turns vision into reality

Today’s enormous complexity of clinical development projects is caused by:

  • Stringent world-wide regulations that are diverse in their detail
  • The advancement of the clinical-scientific and methodological state-of-the-art
  • An ever increasing number of required patients and trial sites from many countries
  • Multifaceted functions and professionals that have to be involved and effectively directed towards defined project goals
  • The continuous evolution of new enabling technologies

Effective project leadership, management and communication skills are critical for the successful, high-quality project execution within defined timelines and costs. PPH plus project leaders offer strong people management skills and have the capability to motivate and inspire other project team members to do great work. They are hands-on contributors, not just leaders.

The PPH plus aim is to assign project leaders in proximity to our customers’ premises whenever feasible. Such an approach easily allows for face-to-face meetings when phone and electronic communications are not the most effective way of moving projects ahead.