Online Patient Recruitment & Retention

PPH plus entered in a service partnership on patient recruitment & retention solutions with nRollmed, based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

nRollmed is specialized in extending the reach to the target population of clinical trial candidates. This innovative company is composed of experts with 20 years of experience in software development and marketing and clinical trial specialists with close to two decades of experience in drug development operations.

nRollmed solutions increase patients’ clinical trial awareness within the sites’ geographical regions, regardless of the site location. Online patient recruitment solutions bring interested patients to the best suited trials. Additionally, site-patient state-of-the-art interface optimization systems streamline critical processes onsite such as patient engagement, thereby enhancing clinical study protocol compliance. nRollmed works closely with each site and helps employing the right processes in support of screening and recruitment of an increased number of timely enrolled clinical trial participants.

To find out more about how nRollmed can boost clinical trial patient recruitment & retention please visit