Risk-based monitoring – saving time and resources by focusing on significant risks

PPH plus enhances innovation via our service agreement with the software architects Cyntegrity Germany GmbH, based in Frankfurt am Main.

Cyntegrity complements the PPH plus service offer with their vast experience in the development of software for the biopharmaceutical and CRO industry, in-depth knowledge of programming, mathematical statistics, data mining and data quality oversight. PPH plus merges its proficiency in project management with Cyntegrity’s revolutionary risk-based software solutions for ensuring data consistency and timely risk mitigation throughout clinical studies.

In a quality-by-design approach, the Cyntegrity system uses reference data from previous clinical trials for identification of risks, statistical anomalies and wrong dynamics in your study from its first conception. Evidence-based risk indicators are utilized in order to identify and evaluate risks without bias.

Towards improved study oversight, automated data scans run on a daily basis for evaluation of data completeness, detection of data errors and data outliers, within other parameters, and inform about their impact on your study. Your company will enjoy the comfort of unrivaled risk-based monitoring through the expert use of Cyntegrity’s unique and streamlined e-tools under the overall project leadership provided by PPH plus.

Please visit www.cyntegrity.com for more information about our most innovative software partner for risk-based clinical trial monitoring.